Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Weekly Winlink Exercise 2019-10-20

Join the exercise by sending a Winlink-Check-In form to the following operators:




The ‘Winlink Check In’ form can be found in Templates/Standard Templates/GENERAL Forms.
For expedience, feel free to send your initial check-in form via Telnet if it is available to you.
KE4TRR has put together a great example for using forms as well as composing a peer-to-peer message here.
Following initial check-in, please send a  single SITREP form to one of the operators that you have received a check-in form from.  Try working someone new if possible. P2P is encouraged, but not required.  Remember, when composing a P2P message, you must set the message type P2P.


Anyone who receives a SITREP during the exercise, please forward it on W7JSN for logging purposes.  Feel free to use telnet for this part as well.


Union County operators will be monitoring the following:
Winlink  Gateways
80m P2P HF ARDOP Winlink – 3.595
40m P2P HF ARDOP Winlink – 7.098
P2P 2M Packet Winlink- 144.930
2M Voice for coordination – 147.260
Other bands/modes as coordinated during exercise

Those outside of Union County repeater coverage are encouraged to log in to the KK7MA chatserver for coordination at:

The W7JSN HF gateway will not be active for the exercise, and will instead be monitoring for HF P2P.


  • Add only your own call-sign in the To: field of any browser based templates that are being addressed to a large group of operators as the field may not hold enough addresses.  Add the full address list to the To: field once you submit the web template and it takes you back to the actual message being composed.
  • Messages composed as ‘Peer-to-Peer Message’ type will not leave your outbox unless you connect directly P2P to the addressed operator.
  • Messages composed as ‘Winlink Message’ type will not leave your outbox unless you connect to a Winlink gateway (not P2P).
  • At the beginning of the exercise, compose a single P2P type message with your SitRep addressed to all operators for the evening. This will ensure that you have something waiting to send if anyone connects P2P with you.  This will automatically generate a separate P2P message address to each address in the To: field.  After the exercise, be sure to delete any unsent P2P exercise messages from your outbox.
  • If monitoring P2P, be sure to jump back to telnet frequently to monitor for any new messages that might be waiting on Winlink gateways.