Saturday, June 15, 2024
Annual SET

Fall 2021 SET

ARES 2021 Fall SET


  1. Operate in the field (not from county or established positions)
  2. Establish at least two radio sites with full operational capability
  3. Utilize GPS coordinate training to move personnel to operational sites
  4. Pass at least 10 verbal messages, 4 of which have to be to an adjacent county
  5. Pass at least 10 Winlink messages, 4 of which have to be to an adjacent county
  6. Ensure that personnel safety is paramount
  7. Notify Section Manager by email when operational
  8. Maintain proper records involving number of personnel, total times involved for monthly EC report.)
  9. Observe all established protocols for Covid.


  • KK7MA & W7JSN setup field stations near 45.062301, -117.570575. (Obj-1,2)
    • KJ7MFV was expected to also set up a field station at 45.299922,-118.30723 but was not heard during the period.
  • Initial call to action alerts were sent to regular operators at 08:59.
    • For an unknown reason, the voice version of the alert opened with “This is an emergency message from…” This should be tested further, as is very misleading.
  • W7JSN used winlink to send Activation form to KA7OZO, as well as an informational message to local operators at 09:00. (Obj-7)
  • W7JSN made the SET announcement and initial call for operators at 09:01.
    • KK7MA & KG7ENC responded.
    • KG7ENC was mobile in & out
    • Fearing 2M was not getting back into the valley for local operators, KK7MA was sent to call local operators on 3.955. No response.
  • With nothing heard on 3.955, KK7MA checked into the OEM net on 3.964, while W7JSN monitored 3.955.
    • KK7MA relayed several stations in to the OEM net
    • W7JSN announced and monitored on 3.955, but only made contact with AA7DD.
  • W7JSN sent 10 Winlink messages, 4 to neighbor counties, 8 contained GPS coordinates for operators(Obj-3&5)
  • KK7MA passed at least 10 voice messages for the OEM net (Obj-4)
  • W7JSN sent Deactivation form to KA7OZO & AA7DD at 10:05
  • No injuries (Obj-6)
  • KK7MA & W7JSN maintained ICS-309 logs and submitted to W7BL(Obj-8)
  • Rona was not present (Obj-9)