Friday, July 19, 2024


Our local ARES group is made up of volunteers from the area and sanctioned by Union County Emergency Services. The only requirements to volunteer for ARES are a willingness to serve and a valid amateur radio license.

Complete the ARES REGISTRATION FORM and bring it to one of our meetings on the second Tuesday of each month.

Begin working on your INDIVIDUAL ARES TASK BOOK

Four levels of training will allow ARES participants to enter the program and migrate to higher levels of qualification and service.

Level 1 — This is the primary level for those new to Amateur Radio or emergency communications.

  • Introductory training is conducted by the local ARES group to meet their needs and those of their served agency or partners. This training is provided locally and introduces the ARES participant to the fundamentals of emergency communications and provides instruction on how participants are to conduct themselves while serving in the field or otherwise activated. Participants may elect to remain at this level, or any level, based upon the extent of their desired ARES involvement.

Level 2 — This is the level for those who would like to be included on the official ARES roster/call list.

  • Background Check
  • IS-100 (FEMA)
FEMA training requires acquisition of a FEMA Student Identification Number
Once you have your FEMA SID, the Trainings Can Be Accessed Here

Level 3 — To qualify for this level, participants shall have completed the following courses in addition to those required for Level 2:

Level 4 — Leadership positions such as EC, ADEC, DEC, ASEC, and SEC. In addition to Level 3, participants are required to complete:

  • IS-120 (FEMA)
  • IS-230 (FEMA)
  • IS-240 (FEMA)
  • IS-241 (FEMA)
  • IS-242 (FEMA)
  • IS-244 (FEMA)
  • IS-288 (FEMA)
  • EC-016 (ARRL)