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Annual SET

2020 Spring SET

Eastern Oregon Washington Simulated Emergency Test (EOWSET)

The Spring ARES exercise was held 09:00-13:00 PDT Saturday, April 18, 2020.

EOWSET Summary

This goals of this one time event were to:

  • Exchange traffic with precise accuracy
  • Determine methods for passing accurate traffic
  • Determine reliable bands for traffic exchange within the region
  • Evaluate our own self-preparedness
  • Assess readiness to successfully serve our local agencies
  • Increase familiarity with potential forms that would be used during emergency operation
  • Build working relationships with neighbors

EOWSET Task List Summary – Quick list with everything needed to participate.
Eastern OR-WA Spring Simulated Emergency Test (EOWSET) – Scenario & Expectations
ICS_309_Comm_Log_Fillable – log form for those without Winlink access. (Thanks KB7POT for making fillible)

Please email logs to:
k7uni@winlink.org with a subject beginning with //WL2K

Union-Wallowa County
ICS205-UnionCounty – Frequencies to be used by Union County.

Local Functions
HF Voice Monitor
Local Scanner Relay
Net Control

Walla Walla County

Wheeler County

Umatilla County
The EOC operates a Winlink 2-Meter Radio Message Server Gateway, KC7RWC-10, which is accessible via the ARES Black Mountain repeater, 145.230- MHz with a PL tone of 67.0 Hz.
If the EOC loses Internet connectivity, the EOC has a KC7RWC Winlink Express station which allows us to send and receive Winlink messages and standard email.

Grant County
Grant County spring 2020 SET vrs 05 final