Friday, July 19, 2024
Annual SET


Union County ARES
Fall 2019
Simulated Emergency Test (SET)

Statewide SET Details

Major Earthquake has taken out the commercial power grid throughout the entire West Coast states.

  • ARES assistance requested Day 4 of Event, 08:00 October 12, 2019
  • Initial ARES team expected operational by 08:30 October 12, 2019

Scenario Day 4:

  • Cellular and Internet Service Providers have exhausted all fuel for generators and are down.
  • Fixed Amateur Radio Repeaters reliant on commercial or fuel generated power are down.
  • Refugees are traveling to all parts of the state seeking shelter and/or medical assistance.
  • Central Oregon, which has assumed State responsibilities, is in need of mutual aid for medical, road construction, communication, and other services.

Exercise Goals:

  • Maintain local simplex net.
  • Receive & respond to aid requests from all adjacent counties. (Umatilla, Wallowa, Baker, Grant)
  • Request & receive response to aid request from all adjacent counties.
  • Receive & respond to mutual aid requests from Central Oregon. (Deschutes)


  • 08:30 Send Winlink forms to KD7ZDO;AA7DD
    • Unit Activation
    • Declaration of Emergency
    • Initial SitRep
  • 008:30-14:00 Meet Exercise Goals
    • Listed above
  • 14:00 Send Winlink forms to KD7ZDO;AA7DD
    • SitRep
    • Unit Deactivation


  • All messages shall begin and end with “THIS IS AN EXERCISE MESSAGE.”
  • EOC shall maintain a running ICS-214 Activity Log as well as a running ICS-309 Communications Log during the hours of the SET.
  • No Internet within the West Coast states shall be used. This requirement disallows RMS connections to gateways located inside of OR, WA, & CA.


  • Designated County frequencies be consistently monitored
    • 3.955 SSB
    • 146.520 Simplex
    • 144.930 RMS P2P (K7UNI)
    • 3.595 RMS P2P (K7UNI)
  • HF Power Station(s) on Standby
Functions to be filled:
Function MHz Mode Operator Backup Operator Backup
EOC 144.930 Packet KD7CEM W7JSN KD7JG W7JSN
Net Control 146.520 Simplex Voice KD7CEM W7JSN KK7MA KI7FXJ
Packet Monitor 144.930 RMS Packet KD7CEM W7JSN KD7JG W7JSN
HF RMS Monitor 3.595 Winlink ARDOP P2P WB7EUX W7JSN WB7EUX KK7MA
HF Voice Monitor 3.955 SSB Voice KD7CEM W7JSN KD7JG KI7FXJ


  • 1 points – each band + mode
  • 2 points – each callsign
  • 2 points – each county