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Local ARES Net

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Date(s) - April 22, 2021
19:30 - 20:00

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ARES Weekly VHF Net (146.52 FM Simplex)


To mentor new hams on how to pass traffic in the event of an emergency, test station efficiency, and
promote ARES to hams in our community.

  • Conduct Level 1 training as per Union County ARES Level 1 Training is the primary level for those new to Amateur Radio or emergency communications by introducing the ARES participant to the fundamentals of emergency communications and provide instruction on how participants are to conduct themselves while serving in the field or otherwise activated.

  • Mentor those new to amateur radio and/or ARES in station efficiency and communication protocols; by giving/receiving signal reports, setting up and using APRS and Winlink for
    potential emergency digital communications, and familiarizing hams with the forms we use.

  • Encourage Net Logging either by software or by paper from all stations that participated

Net Control Opens the Net following typical HF Union County ARES Net Protocol with the following

  • Brief overview of a signal report during pre-amble

  • During round 2 not only are signal reports given, but a brief rundown on station improvements (or what the operator has learned this week in amateur radio). In example:
    KJ7MFV reports K7UNI is a 59 loud and clear. Station tonight is a Baofeng UV5R transmitting on medium power running a 7 element yagi antenna pointed north by north east. Watched a video on how to build and deploy a 7 element yagi made out of a witches broom.
    W7JSN reports KJ7MFV is a 35, KJ7MFV had a lot of static but was 100% copy. Station is a Yaesu FT400XDR mobile, running 50 watts using a Diamond Antenna. Drove up to Cougar Rock to test the mobile rig. Made a contact in Halfway on simplex.

  • Closing the net, Net Control, lists the stations that participated and encourages a short After Action Review

Net Control submits their log to W7JSN to be added to the weekly ARES exercise log.