Friday, July 19, 2024


The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.

We have all become accustomed to easy communication: Internet, phones, tablets and all kinds of wireless devices. However, in large-scale disasters, these normal methods of communication are likely to be unavailable, including the Internet.

Union County residents live in a remote location, which could be cut-off from our urban neighbors during a disaster. So, how do we communicate our needs to the outside world to facilitate rescue efforts or help others?
One answer is Ham Radio!

Depending on the radio, the antenna and the band being used, Ham Radios have the capability of communicating around the world and beyond. To operate a Ham Radio, you must have at least a ‘Technician’ license, which requires an operator to pass a written test.

Ham Radio works even when all other communication systems fail. Volunteer radio operators are able to provide a critical need that might not be met any other way. ARES is always there to help with communications.